How to go in Instagram Explorer?

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Hi Dear Friends 👋

Today I want to tell you how to be in Instagram Explorer and what are the ways to increase the possibility of going in Instagram Explorer.

As you know, we are placed in Instagram Explorer by posting a photo or video, and Instagram has a set of rules and algorithms that if we can comply with them, most likely our post will be placed in Instagram Explorer.

There are two different types of Instagram Explorer, one is the same armor sign that shows a series of posts, these are the same Instagram Explorer, and the second is using hashtags we can be in Instagram Explorer. For example, if the hashtag #shoes has been hit, we can be included in the list of posts of this hashtag.

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Take a look at the photo above, which is one of our Instagram page posts, which is located in Explorer.

What should we do now to be on Instagram Explorer?

Post a relevant and relevant photo to your post, do not post an irrelevant and inappropriate photo, try to fit your page.

Use the right caption, use the right words and captions, the photo is relevant to the text.

Use hashtags, so you can use appropriate hashtags related to the post. Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags in one post.

Finally, immediately after sending the post, pages stronger than you, which are real and active followers, should like your post and comment on your post if possible. This type of like is called power like.

Using these simple tips, your post can be placed in Instagram Explorer.

I hope this article was useful for you ❤️

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